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Bugandé - Restaurant & Café


Restaurant & Café

Vicol de Bugandée, historical photo

Vicol de Bugandée, historical photo

Bugandé: “the launderer” in the Milanese dialect

Since the Middle Ages, every day they were there in the alley, which bears their name along the path along the waterway-- the little stream, fed by the Naviglio Grande. So important was their work for the local community that a fraternity was founded in 1700 and protected by St. Antonio of Padova. Nearby, in the altar in the church of Santa Maria al Naviglio, a touching dedication to St. Antonio will still be found 100 meters from the Alley of "Bugandé."

Vue sur le Naviglio Grande du restaurant Bugandé

Vue sur le Naviglio Grande du restaurant Bugandé

A charming place, not lost

In Milan, the 21st century finds Naviglio the bright crossroads of a thousand twists and a thousand languages, where old tradition and the latest modern fashion go hand in hand. And now this intriguing nexus of the old and the new comes to life inside the restaurant within the Maison Borella - a boutique hotel know as the finest in the city. The luxurious courtyard restaurant has chosen the evocative name of Bugandé: a tribute to the city and the industriousness of its people.


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